Williamsburg Rental Managment

Williamsburg West (Westplains Dr)
Spring Newsletter 2024

Williamsburg Rental Management is proud and happy to have a wonderful tenant community at Williamsburg West.  It is our goal to maintain a friendly and safe environment where everyone feels at home.

We have created this newsletter to cover some of the common problems and concerns, keeping everyone informed about common sense and safety practices and to inform tenants of rules that may need to be restated or newer rules that have been developed.


Williamsburg Rental Management has some of the lowest rents in the city of Goshen! Yet, in order to stay in business, we must keep up with rapidly rising annual rising costs.

Starting June 1, 2024 rent for a two bedroom apartment will be $610 per month and one bedroom will be $550.  The good news is Williamsburg West is still a great value at that price!

How to pay rent:

  1. No Cash Please
  2. Check or Money Order (Mail or bring into the office)
  3. Web Portal - Williamsburgrentalmanagement.com/wrm_prt.html

Make your rent payment your first priority! Accounts that are more than three months behind are subject to the possibility of eviction and garnished collection through the Courts of Elkhart County.

If your phone number or carrier has changed, please notify the office right away so we can continue to be in communication with you. If you have a problem or are behind in rent, it is important that you stay in communication with us.

If you get a new car, you are required to register it with us at the office.

Be aware that both our office and/or the city of Goshen will have inspections from time to time. Please review House Rules and make sure you stay in compliance. We will be changing furnace filters and inspecting furnaces in the fall.

We hope that you are happy with the new parking lot surfacing. We are planning new gutters for this year.

In Common Areas

Please be respectful when it comes to parking.  If you are having guests, make sure that they don't take a paying tenant's parking space.  If you have a vehicle that is not licensed and/or not working, please remove it from the grounds.  Williamsburg Rental Management needs to know about vehicles in our parking lots. Make sure your vehicles are registered at the office.  If you get a new vehicle, please let us know.

Make sure that the trash you throw out fits into the dumpster.  If the dumpster is too full, they will not take it.  If you have large items for the trash, take them to the dump yourself, or contact the office.

We no longer allow back yard fire pits. It is ok to use grills at a safe distance from the buildings.

In Your Apartment

You may NOT sub-let any part of your apartment. If you are found to be sub-letting the apartment your rental contract will be terminated immediately.

One Bedroom: There should never be more than 2 adults or 1 adult and 2 children in your apartment.

Two Bedroom: There should never be more than 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children in your apartment.

If you are found to have too many people in the apartment your rental contract will be terminated immediately.

You must always notify the office if the occupants in your apartment have changed.

Pets (other than licensed support animals) are NOT allowed at Williamsburg West.

Be sure to keep clothes and other flammable items away from water heaters and furnaces.

Always keep smoke detectors on the wall and working properly.  You can test it yourself by pressing the test button located on the detector.  If it is regularly beeping, it means the 9 volt backup battery located inside of the detector needs to be replaced.  Contact the office and we will be happy to give you a battery or change the battery for you.

Plug-in Co2 detectors are available on request from the office.

Help care for our drains by not putting feminine products or flushable/baby wipes in the toilet.

It will help to keep rents lower if everyone is mindful of water usage. Do not wait to notify us of any leaking water.


Williamsburg Rental Management truly appreciates you.  We treasure you as our tenant and we hope that our mutual cooperation can keep things running smoothly for everyone!


Williamsburg Rental Management
PO Box 239 Goshen, IN 46526 • 574-533-0750 • 506 Middlebury St. Goshen, IN