Williamsburg Rental Managment

Williamsburg North (Middlebury St)
Spring Newsletter 2022

Williamsburg Rental Management is proud and happy to have a wonderful tenant community here at Williamsburg North.  It is our goal to maintain a friendly and safe environment where everyone feels at home.

We have created this newsletter to cover some of the common problems and concerns, keeping everyone informed about common sense and safety practices and to inform tenants of rules that may need to be restated or newer rules that have been developed.


Williamsburg Rental Management has some of the lowest rents in the city of Goshen!  Yet, in order to stay in business we must keep up with inflation. Every year our costs continue to rise dramatically. 

Starting May 1, 2022, rent will be $560 per month.  The good news is Williamsburg North is still a great value at that price!

How to pay rent:

  1. No Cash Please
  2. Check or Money Order
  3. Zelle from your bank web panel
  4. Bill Pay from your bank web panel

Satellite Dishes are NOT allowed at Williamsburg North.  Contact Comcast for Cable TV, Phone and Internet.  Additionally, Frontier can provide phone and Internet services.

This summer we will be doing apartment / furnace inspections. We will send you a text as notification before these inspections occur.  Inspections are necessary as a city requirement and to keep apartments safe and equipment working correctly.

If your phone number or carrier has changed, please notify the office right away so we can continue to be in communication with you.

In Common Areas

Please do not park in the designated office parking spaces Monday, Wednesday, Friday from noon to 5:00 pm. We need these spaces for office personnel and customers.

Williamsburg Rental Management needs to know about vehicles in our parking lots. Make sure your vehicles are registered at the office.  If you get a new vehicle, please let us know.

Williamsburg Rental Management will move your belongings in the common areas if they are blocking needed access to utility areas, such as under the stairs. These utility areas should never be used for storage. If you are chaining and locking bicycles in these areas, please provide a key or combination to the office.

In general, please keep the stairs and foyers clear. City codes do not allow items blocking the exits.

Do not prop the front door of the building open at any time.

For everyone’s benefit, please pick up trash when you see it.  Make sure when you take your trash out to put it IN the container.  Do not put furniture and mattresses next to the container. Make sure that the trash you throw out fits into the container.  If you have large items for the trash, take them to the dump yourself, or contact the office.

In Your Apartment

You may NOT sub-let any part of your apartment. If you are found to be sub-letting the apartment your rental contract will be terminated immediately.

There should never be more than 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children in your apartment. If you are found to have too many people in the apartment your rental contract will be terminated immediately.

You must always notify the office if the occupants in your apartment have changed.

Pets are NOT allowed at Williamsburg North period. (except certified service pet)

To avoid the possibility of a fire hazard, please do not use the utility closest for storage. This area is for the furnace and hot water heater only.  Any flammable item is prohibited by city code.

Always keep smoke detectors on the wall and working properly.  You can test it yourself by pressing the test button located on the detector.  If it is regularly beeping, it means the 9 volt backup battery located inside of the detector needs to be replaced.  Contact the office and we will be happy to give you a battery or change the battery for you.

Fire Ladders have been delivered to the upper level apartments and must remain there. Keep these ladders handy in case of emergency. If your upper level apartment does not have a ladder, contact the office.  Do not take these ladders with you when you move out.

Help care for our drains by not putting feminine products or flushable/baby wipes in the toilet.

If you have a water problem, leak, or a toilet that runs, please contact the office immediately.  To minimize any water damage, we need to address water problems as soon as it is noticed.


Williamsburg Rental Management truly appreciates you.  We treasure you as our tenant and we hope that our mutual cooperation can keep things running smoothly for everyone!


Williamsburg Rental Management
PO Box 239 Goshen, IN 46526 • 574-533-0750 • 506 Middlebury St. Goshen, IN